Latzko Associates assists clients in a broad range of services in developing quality throughout their organization. Using a management approach to quality, we help clients in planning a program, developing the program and help them to continual, never ending improvement. Some of the principal services are outlined below.

Planning a Program for Quality

We assist the client in forming a steering committee whose function is to make a need analysis of the organization and to determine areas for improvement. A plan is made to implement a program to achieve this condition. Action teams are desig­nated. Under the guidance of the steering committee they perform the steps neces­sary to accomplish the aims of the plan. The Action Teams analyze the process using SPC to determine further action.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

We assist the client in the development of statistical process controls. This enables the determination of whether a process is stable or not. If the process is stable, one proceeds to the improvement phase. If it is not stable, we assist the client by show­ing how various tools can be used for making the process stable.

Continual and Never Ending Improvement

When the process is stable, it is possible to develop a strategy of improvement. For this purpose a number of methods are used depending on the needs. We assist the client with appropriate tools such as Managerial Breakthrough Technique (MBT) and designed experiments.

On Site Consulting

In order to continue the process of converting to a quality culture, regular visits from us enable the client to stay on course and to overcome obstacles in the continuing process of achieving quality.


Appropriate training courses to support the above activities are available. These courses are coordinated with the clients needs.

Understanding the Management Method

Starting with management in authority we develop an understanding of how Dr. Deming's System of Profound Knowledge and14 Points. We then work with the client in using applying this knowledge to the organization. We work with management in disseminating the message throughout the organization.